BOMB THE BANk! An Explosion! Next Event: please check back Summer 2005!

and it was a success indeed, judging by the flock of mails to the mailinglist. See come extracts below...

Soon another one - not officially organized by the Swingbunch, but arranged by word of mouth and mostly, dancers' enthusiasm!

From Sian:
I just have to say this before I sleep tonight - Bomb the Bank (this gorgeous afternoon) was yet another absolutely brilliant swing bunch event!!

We danced from 5 to 10pm; we danced to a (sometimes scarily large) crowd of pleased onlookers; we danced on cobbled concrete ground; some of us danced barefoot; we relaxed; we soaked up the sun. We basically had a fantastic time! We weren't stopped or chased away by the police (who happened to walk by 3 times - yes, we counted) so I'm thinking - We've found another lovely Summer lindy dance site! Yeah!!

We also achieved what we'd always hoped - to spread the word of all things swing and lindy to the world at large. Or at least to the people walking by on Gabriel's Wharf. Quite a few of these onlookers stopped for a good few hours just to enjoy the sun, the music, the dancing and the happy atmosphere. We were definitely basking in a good place. A few
of them even got up to join us.

My verdict - we'll definitely be going back to the Bank again and, given that we danced on concrete (cobbled, no less) for 5 hours without much complaints, I'm thinking that bombing Cambridge won't be a problem!!

Thanks to all who organised "B the B" and here's to the next bombing! I can't wait!

Love, Sian xx

Last night was gorgeous - felt very happy to be in london town with the sun going down and the crazy 1,2,3 babies man - who was he, cos he could groove?! it is a perfect venue....
Thanks for organising it and let's do it again real soon.... love

I couldn't agree more - it was brilliant!
A BIG thank you to Mark and Fede for organising it (and sorry if I've missed
anyone). And it's good to know that some members of swingbunch actually get on
and do something, rather than just saying "I'll organise a London lindybomb event" and then not doing anything. Disgraceful.
humbled David

It was a fantastic evening - when are we going back?

But Bomb the Bank ... what can I say .... FanTAStic!!! Thanks guys! Gorgeous location, lovely weather, fantastic dances, lovely people ... I fell into bed at 1am a very happy dancer ... despite the exceptionally sore feet from all the dancing I did this weekend ...[ you're a light weight Martin! ;-) ] One, Two, Three Babies man! What can I say? I think you *had* to be there! Saying that, I have a sneaky suspicion that he is a regular feature down there!
Orange Jane

Photos by Martin M   BtB I
Photos by Dave   BtB II

Photos by Fernanda   BtB II/III



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