Sian's Birthday, Feb 2003

Organized for months, with an on line invitation and password protected door access, it sounded like a big thing. And it was! Hosted at the Fine Line in Holborn, the party started a bit slowly around 6 and heated up until late night! A great as always performance by Little Harlem and a fab set by DJ Bitterjug, with not only swing classic but everything from the Orb to Robbie Williams, to cha cha to rap. Every one was there, almost! Swing friends, lawyers, relatives, mum and gran, teachers, Katie from US, Michel from France and so on...

Great night Sian, well done and thank you! And here is a message from the lady herself:

"And can I just say this.....
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR COMING TO MY PARTY!!! It was your presence that made the party such a success....and of course made me into a really happy penguin!! I had the most magnificent night of dance, friends, family and just pure pure ecstasy!! I was dancing right to the very last minute which probably explained why I couldn't walk properly the whole of Sunday!!
Thanks to all the guys who danced with me - you know who you are. It was fantastic!!
Thank you too to all those who helped with my party
- Paula (I wouldn't have been there, and couldn't have done it all, without you. Thank you so much, girlfriend!!)
- Fede (the most wonderful web/invite designer)
- Mark BitterJug (you're loved in so so many ways, sweetie!!)
- Mithi (Sayang, without you we wouldn't have had a place to dance in. Thank you, gal!! I also sayang you very very much!!)
- Little Harlem & Imelda (what can I say - as always, you were fantastic!!)
- all those who came from overseas specially for my party - Katie (love you loads!!), Chantal & Robert (I can't say how much I loved seeing, and dancing with, you again), Fabrice (vraiment, merci beaucoup!! J'adore danser avec toi!!), Mick, Mom and granny. (and if I have missed anyone from this list, it's not at all intentional but just that my brain has ceased to work since Sunday morning...along with the use of my legs)
Special thanks also goes to Dan and Martin M. for being the calvary who came to my rescue when our car broke down. Without you guys, I REALLY wouldn't have made it to the party that early. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
See you all on the dancefloor!!
Much love and kisses
Sian xx




"greetings all.
can i just say, i thought sians birthday shindig was asolutely fab, i had
such a great great night, thankyou sian, and BJ, and everyone who was there
for such a fab night. does anyone else feel like they have such a great
time when we are dancing in new places that arent our usual haunts? its like
discovering it all over again.
bring on more birthdays!!!!! or anniversaries, or wakes...." Sarah

"It was wonderful fun, Sian. Thank you so much for organising such a terrific
party and inviting us all to it. best," Alex

"I heartily agree. The band were sounding great, the djing was delightfully
eclectic, and it was entertaining to see so many passersby stopping to watch
More thanks for organising it, Sian."
Tom x

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