Francois Birthday, January 2003

What's fun, swinging and mingling with a taste of that certain French je ne sais quoi? Francois' 30th Birthday Party, of course!! Wonderfully organised by dear Helen on Saturday 25 January 2003, the party was held in the upstairs room of The Sun Tavern along Long Acre Road and was a nice mix of Francois' swing and non-swing friends. The Tavern was a gem of a discovery
since we soon realised that cosy as the dance space was, it was a really nice wooden floor to dance on!! The whole atmosphere of the place just made for a really nice, relaxed and laid-back party...that is...until Francois decided to turn female on us and donned two balloons under his shirt!! And yes, there's a pic of that too!! He had us all in stitches and from there, the party went from "simply fun" to "Oh I don't want to leave!!". Francois' birthday dance and his jam with Helen are also ones to remember, what with him doing his "floor dance"...literally sprawled ON the floor. We were finally chased (yes, chased) out of the Tavern at 11.20pm and that brought
another nice evening to an end for most of us.

All in all, I'm glad that I came out for the night. Thanks to Helen andFrancois, and everyone else, for a good night out. Et Joyeux Anniversaire, Francois!!!

Sian xx




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