Chateau Jive, Airth Castle Scotland, April 2002

Ok some of your bunch went all the way north for this exciting weekend in a 4 star hotel castle. Arriving early on friday, before getting into the ahem, swing of things, Stirling Castle was visited in a windy and sunny afternoon.
Friday night party ws ok, nothing too flashy and just getting to know people but then the next morning, after a huge breakfast classes started. Lindy with Chritian and Christine and boogie woogie and Jazz with the amazing Hasse and Marie from Sweden. While the lindy teachers failed to impress me (just a personal opinion) the suedes were great: fun, energetic, very good teachers and really nice people too. Totally recommended...they will be at Beach Boogie for sure and let's hope that they will be soon invited to London for a workshop!

The weekend overall was great. Great weather, great location, plenty of food, spa and masseuses for our aching limbs and good dancing. Music was good but very much rock and roll, jive, boogie and not enough, for our bunch, lindy. Oh well nevermind...we had fun!

Closed eyes devils...



Heavenly Trio

Junglebook song...

and again...

and again...!

Hasse and Marie

Them again. Cute tie!

Ohhh give me your neck!






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