Ohhhhh we are all still on a high from the party last night! It was AWESOME and i don't say this just because me and Mark organized it, but because it was really great! We have never seen in a free gathering so many personalities from the London's Swing scene! Not only we had our now regular DJ Ronnie Slide (and what a great dancer too), not only we had our friend Martin from Swingland playing a dj guest set (as DJ Smartie), not only we had the pleasure to see once again shaking his bum Jerome Travolta, Richard from LSDS but we had for the first time ever our Queen of Lindy Julie Oram! And if the above wasnt enough, we hosted the birthday celebrations and huuuge cake for Christy from Lindy Circle. Dan and their crew had organized a beauty pageant style surprise for her, so this added to the fun. Last but not least, amazing teacher Bill Borgida was there too, having completed a full on intensive teaching weekend with Dan and Christy...

What can we say? Who was there (and there were plenty!) enjoyed the evening...music, classics and not so classic, dances, guest stars, sparkles and mad closing time with the now 'usual' crazy hour. With also the help of Bill's selection we danced the chicken song (not sure the name in english in italian it was 'ballo dei qua qua'!). We had jam session, b'day dances, hip hop numbers, and a massive shimsham led by the gotha of lindy hop.

Thanks to every one who was at the party, thanks to mark DJBitterjug, thanks to Daisy and Liz and Sian for their constant support and the rest of the Swing bunch, and the London lindy hoppers!


All of us!




April 14th
Our third party indoors!


Check out the Urban Bar

"I'd just like to also say thank you to all the lovely people who organised, danced or even just stood and socialised last night -everybody who turned up basically - such and excellent atmosphere.
extra special thank yous to mark and fede not just for last night, but also for the swingbunch in general ... [...] when was the last time you saw Jitterbug's Jerome and Julie, Swingland's Martin, Lindycircle's Dan and Christie, LSDS's Richard and of course, everywhere's Ron, all under the
same roof! "

Thank you DJ Bitterjug and Fede andDJ Smartie, Dan and Birthday Girl
Christi, Julie and Jerome, Francois and everyone else who showed up to
make Sunday night a great party - with swingin' chickens, muppets and even clangers!? - oh and the funky hokey-cokey! I had a great time


Wow! I had *such* a good time last night!
I'm still on a massive high from it. About the best thing we can do with our lives is to make other people happy.
There were a lot of happy people in the London Hospital Tavern last night; I'm proud to have been a part of it.
Thankyou to everyone for making it happen!
p.s. If you weren't there, you missed one hell of a party.


That was such a fun evening ! Special  big thank you to DJ Bitterjug & Fede - but as well to all these people -famous ones & less famous ones - who helped create a very special atmosphere - thanks to you lot, the
world is an even better place to live in ! Marine