This has been our major 'get together' in the nice summer 2001...sunny days might be over, but we have found a venue for our indoor events. Check the invitations on this page and more details on these pages soon...'cause the first one went so well that we have decided to have another one soon, maybe in mid january.

The idea for this gathering came up while chatting with Mark and both of us complaining that it was getting too hot to dance indoor...and how nice would it be to dance in a park? So we spent a week trying to find a suitable park within London's green spaces...

We looked on the web, we called the parks offices, Mark browsed the areas in his lunch breaks to look for a bandstand, and after many denials and rejections we decided for Battersea Park.
And that became 'our' band stand for three sundays over July, August and September with growing interests and lots of dancers.

The Park Police has never bothered us or kicked us out, we have attracted curious glances and would-be dancers, kids, dogs, and ultimately had a great time!

Check out some of the pictures from the days, and the on the links below.

If you would like a t-shirt let us know which one: they are all made to order and are 'special editions'. Cost is £5 each.

See you all at the next event!

January 2004 - DJ Bitterjug Leaving do


Get on the boat! April 2003

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London Lindy Exchange - Feb 2003
November 2002
Live Band @ Urban Swing
September 1st
Licoln's Inn Fields

June the 9th:


July 28th:

January 27th
Pix here!

(photos by Roadstar)
April 14th - click for pictures!

(photos by Roadstar)

December 9th

(photos by Roadstar)

September 9th

(photos by Fede)

July 29th

(photos by Jim)

July 1st

(photos by Roadstar)

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